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"Bringing Your Ideas to Life Through Films"

Pumpkin Entertainment is an award-winning film production company in Delhi and Gurgaon, with a portfolio of work ranging from TV commercials, Corporate videos, and Digital videos. We create content that is captivating, engaging, and effective. Watch some of our films and see how Pumpkin Entertainment can help bring your vision to life!

Life of Atal Bihari Vajpayee | Pumpkin Entertainment |

Life of Atal Bihari Vajpayee | Pumpkin Entertainment |

Life of Atal Bihari Vajpayee | Pumpkin Entertainment | Atal Bihari Vajpayee was born in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh, into a middle-class Brahmin family. He completed his schooling from Saraswati Shishu Mandir and later pursued his graduation in Political Science from Victoria College in Gwalior. Vajpayee's oratory skills were evident even during his college days. Vajpayee's interest in politics led him to join the Rastriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) during his college days. Vajpayee's political career took off when he was elected as a member of Parliament in 1957. He was an excellent orator and gained prominence for his powerful speeches in Parliament. Vajpayee served as the Prime Minister of India on three occasions. Vajpayee's tenure as Prime Minister is particularly remembered for his bold nuclear policy. In 1998, he ordered a series of nuclear tests, which earned both praise and criticism. Vajpayee was known for his efforts to promote peace and improve relations with neighboring countries. He made significant strides in normalizing India-Pakistan relations, particularly with his visit to Lahore, Pakistan, in 1999, where he initiated the Lahore Declaration aimed at reducing tensions and fostering cooperation between the two nations. One of the significant challenges Vajpayee faced during his tenure was the Kargil conflict in 1999. The conflict erupted when Pakistani-backed infiltrators occupied strategic positions in the Indian-controlled region of Kargil. Vajpayee showed strong leadership and resolved the crisis by ordering the Indian Armed Forces to push back the infiltrators, leading to a successful military operation. Vajpayee had a passion for poetry and was known for his eloquent speeches and writings. His poetry reflected his thoughts on various aspects of life, including love, nature, and spirituality. His poetry collections, such as "Meri Ekyaavan Kavitayen" and "San Follow Pumpkin Entertainment official social media handles Website : Facebook: Instagram: Youtube : #atalbiharivajpayee #atalbiharivajpayeeji #atalbihari #aboutlife #governmentproject #corporateshoot #productionhouse #filmproductioncompany #productionhouseingurgaon #pumpkinentertainment #governmentprojects
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KASHI - BANARAS - VARANASI - The City of Lights, Religion, Spirituality, Ganga, Ghats, Shiva, Music, Kathak, Silk Saree, People, Chaos, Art, Food, Paan, Architecture, Serpentine Allies, Philosophies, Death and a City where people find NIRVANA and fortunately PUMPKIN ENTERTAINMENT got a first hand experience while filming it all. On a visit to the city, do not forget to experience the flavour of Banaras through our films at the VIRTUAL EXPERIENTIAL MUSEUM , MAN - MAHAL , VARANASI. Here is a small glimpse of how Banaras mesmerized us. Our films will give you tours of : VASTRANASI : A film about Banarasi Weavers , their hardwork, patience, skills and devotion with which BANARASI SAREES have made a mark all around the world. BANARASI SANGEET & DANCE : Weather it be music or dance Banaras has excelled in all. Every gully is echoing with music, sound of ghungroo, and list of instruments that were lost in Urban chaos but are well preserved in Banaras. MOKSHA : Banaras is the only city where death is celebrated. People from all around visit this place to gain MOKSHA. KASHI SHILP : This film will take you to such fine Arts and Crafts that it will mesmerize you to how can one city reside so much talent. It starts from FOOD CUISINES TO WOOD WORK, METAL WORK, PINK ROSE ENAMEL WORK, STONE AND MUD SCULPTURES, PAINTINGS IN KASHI. DHARAM: The city that gave the world its oldest religion, Banaras is the hub of not just Hindu sects but also is an important religious site for all religions in India. CAST & CREW PRODUCTION HOUSE : PUMPKIN ENTERTAINMENT commissioned by NATIONAL SCIENCE CENTER; MINISTRY OF CULTURE. DIRECTOR: SOURABH BALI PRODUCER: SHWETA SARAF CONTENT HEAD: DR. PARNA DAS DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY1 : RAHUL C RAI CINEMATOGRAPHER : ABHIJEET RAWAT ASSISTANT DIRECTOR 1: PAYAL BOSE ASSISTANT DIRECTOR 2: SOMESH DHAIYA GRAPHIC DESIGHNER: ANSHUMAN GUPTA EDITOR 1: JITENDER PRAJAPATI EDITOR 2: SONPAL SINGH MUSIC COURTESY : Great Spirit (Extended Mix) Believe Music, The Orchard Music, Kontor Records, and [Merlin] Armada Music
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